The aim of our foundation is:

"to improve the image of the Dutch folklore, specially in the area of the dance and dancemusic and to spread the knowledge of Dutch folkloric costumes".

We stimulate and support activities a.o. by making activities and developments in Dutch folklore public.

Our cultural heritage should be safeguarded and there we acknowledge the importance of the "Federation of Folkloric Groups in the Netherlands" (FFGN), organised strictly regional. On the other hand we believe in, and support, new developments in folkloric dances and music countrywide. Contact and mutual influence of both these mainstreams will be positive for all those who practice and perform with folkloric dances.

These starting points deserve the attention of a wider public and specifically those who practice Dutch folkloric dances. The dancing groups working with dances and costumes from over the whole (although small) country, dancing old and newly made dances pure or in choreography are very welcome with us.