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Our foundation is a form of cooperation between associations who perform in the area of Dutch folklore. Both Dutch dances, folkmusic and traditional costumes, dances and music not only in the original form, but as well in newly made executions in the traditional style.

If you need information about groups for any presentation or participation on festivals, please contact us.

If you need information about Dutch dances, costumes or folkmusic, please contact us as well.

We will always do our utmost to help you as quick as we can.

Below an impression of one of our "demonstration and meeting day's" as we organised this in Koedijk, north of Amsterdam in november 1. 2014. We do this yearly.
In the Netherlands we have groups who perform folklore as a kind of "living history", 100% to the book, groups where the theatreshow is the most important and everything in between. Our foundation tries to bring those extremes together. You can see a summary of the presentations and the "teaching eachother":

With the link below you can as well see a slideshow for the same event. Enjoy looking at it!